SG717 Table Top Hot Room Cold Water Dispenser for computer company new office

SG717 Table Top Hot Room Cold Water Dispenser for computer company new office

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Singapore Water Dispensers Hot & Cold Direct Piping Supplier – Your Singapore resource for home and office hot and/or cold water dispenser cooler purifier supplier. SGwater carry a wide range of POU point of use, direct pipe-in piping, bottless auto refill or bottle self top up type water purifier dispensers including 3 temperature hot ambient (room) and cold water dispensers. Boiling hot water to ice chilled water, free standing floor standing / stand alone to table top / counter top table top models, UF or UV filtration to reverse osmosis RO systems. SGsands is your SG local resource to search for water dispensers supplier vendor retailer and service provider of residential commercial industrial type of water purifiers and pure water dispensers. Shop @ SGsands, we will assist you to choose select find buy purchase rent the correct water dispenser for your home or office, so that you can have cleaner & purer drinking water solution that meet your budget and requirement. Easy simple useful resources guide to help you search products information, view image and photo gallery, print specification & check capacity, compare price list, find sales promotion of various type or models of water dispenser!

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