SG717 table top water dispenser for office

SG717 table top water dispenser take the water supply underneath the wash sink

SG717 table top water dispenser take the water supply underneath the wash sink

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SG717 Table Top
Hot Warm Cold Water Dispenser

Product Specification
Model #:
  Table Top / Direct Pipe-In Auto Refill Water Dispenser
  285mm (width) x 390mm (depth) x 520mm (height)
  Hot / Warm / Cold (3 Temperature)
Storage Tank:
  Cold: 3.0 Liters / Hot: 1.5 Liters / Room: Auto Refill
Hot Water:
  5.5 liters / hour (85 ℃ to 92 ℃)
Cold Water:
  20 liters / hour (6 ℃ to 10 ℃)     R-134a refrigerant
Water Filters:
  4 Stages Korean Ultra Filtration System
Product Image
Product Features
SG717 Table Top Water Dispenser Product Image
  • Energy Saving With Auto Sleep Mode.
  • Automatic constant refill of clean filtered purified water.
  • Stainless Steel Hot & Cold Tank.
  • Each boiling hot, ambient room (lukewarm) and chilled cold water has its own individual storage tank.
  • Hot water tap with child safety lock device.
  • Optional Alkaline Water Filtration System Available Upon Request
  • 207mm height dispensing gap for larger cup or mug. Can refill most bottle by placing the empty bottle at a angle.
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One Year Product Warranty For Above
All POU point of use / direct piping water dispensers / water boiler / water cooler come complete with * FREE Standard Installation.
* Standard installation electrical power supply source must not be more than 1M from the water dispenser and water source for the water dispenser must not be more than 3M from the water dispenser inlet. Price does not include hacking or drilling of wall, if any.

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