30CSW Hot and Ambient Water Dispenser for office pantry

30CSW Hot and Ambient Water Dispenser for office pantry

30CSW Hot and Ambient Water Dispenser for office pantry

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Gemi 30CSW Table Top
Hot & Ambient Water Boiler

Product Specification
Model #:
  Table Top / Direct Pipe-In Auto Refill Hot Water Boiler
  540mm (width) x 190mm (depth) x 560mm (height)
  Hot & Ambient (Room Temperature)
Storage Tank:
  Hot: 30 Liters (7.90 gallon)
Hot Water:
  31 liters / hour (up to 100 ℃)
Ambient Water:
  Instant Auto Refill    
Water Filters:
  1st Stage PP Sediment / 2nd Stage Carbon Block
Product Image
Product Features
Gemi 30CSW Table Top
Hot Water Boiler Product Image
  • High Capacity Hot Water Boiler Dispenser.
  • Temperature: 40C – 99C adjustable.
  • Body Casing: Brunched Stainless Steel.
  • Control/Display: LCD Programming Setting.
  • Power Input: 220V /50-60HZ.
    (Recommended Electrical Power 15amp above)
  • Faucets Type: Anti-Scaled Faucet. Safety Locking Hot Tap Available
  • 2 Dispensing Outlet: Hot and Ambient (room temperature).
  • 24/7 Timer Setting: 24 hours 7 days setting.
  • Temporary Function: One touch button for temporary usage
    (30/60/120 minutes).
  • Battery inside, no need to set or reset program setting, when power off.

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One Year Product Warranty For Above
All POU point of use / direct piping water dispensers / water boiler / water cooler come complete with * FREE Standard Installation.
* Standard installation electrical power supply source must not be more than 1M from the water dispenser and water source for the water dispenser must not be more than 3M from the water dispenser inlet. Price does not include hacking or drilling of wall, if any.

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