SGsands Singapore Water Purifier Dispensers Supplier

SGsands (SG Supply And Service) is Your Singapore local home and office drinking water purifier dispenser supplier and service provider. We supply and provide with technical skills and knowledge for installation troubleshooting repair and maintenance services of residential home commercial office industrial factory water purifiers dispensers.

SGsands Drinking Water Purifier Dispensers Supplier

We supply a complete range of floor free standing or counter top tabletop drinking water dispenser, stainless steel chilled water fountain water cooler, wall mounted or wall hung boiling hot drinking water boiler dispenser, water filtration water filters & accessories and water purification water purifier system & equipment.

Wide range of models and types of water purifier dispenser, including HOT ROOM (ambient) COLD 3 temperature, or HOT and COLD 2 temperature, multi stages filters, UF UltraFiltration or UV UltraViolet filtration system, POU point of use direct pipe in that connect directly to our PUB tap water, convenience, simple easy to use automatic instant refill water purifier dispensers.

Water purifier dispensers that is with filtration system that are most suitable for Singapore residential commercial industrial usage. Water dispenser that produce cleaner, purer and refreshing drinking water for your HDB flat, condominium, private apartment, industrial factory and logistic warehouse, dormitory or construction work site office, educational institutions, university, school and training center, recreation hub, clubhouse and community centre, commercial shop house or large and small business office in Singapore. Water purifier dispenser that can blend nicely and perfectly in your home kitchen or office pantry, and make clean pure drinking water more easily accessible and available to office staff or whole family, affortable drinking water for everyone.

SGsands Drinking Water Purifier Dispensers For Office And HomeSGsands Drinking Water Purifier Dispensers For Office And Home

As your drinking water vendor, we supply high quality, attractive, energy efficiency and innovative water purifier dispenser for Singapore office and home. Various brand, type and models of different capacity and features that meet your drinking water requirement. Including Korean Phileo UV / UF water purifier hot and cold dispenser, USA WaterLogic In-Tank UV water dispenser, USA CrystalQuest UltraFiltration water cooler system, Taiwan Crystal Aqua CA Series 3 temperature water dispenser and Gemi instant auto refill boiling hot water wall mounted or countertop water dispenser.

Our Sales Team understand your drinking water needs and requirements, and will provide personalized attention to your sales enquiries, reply to your request for quotation with products catalog brochure, products images and photo, products specification and technical support to help you select the right drinking water purifier dispenser, thus make your purchasing smooth and easy.

Office Drinking Water Purifier Dispensers Supplier - SGsandsOffice Drinking Water Purifier Dispensers Supplier - SGsands

Check out our latest sales promotion. Call us for a no obligation prdoucts demo or visit us to test, try and taste before you purchase and invest in your drinking water dispenser.

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    As we understand your drinking water needs and requirements, we can help by giving you advice and recommendations that best suit your office or home drinking water requirement.

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